Last Week Today in Cruise Headlines

Real Travel Experts Ira & Helene Kaplan of Cruise Holidays of Marlboro join Ken of RTE Travel Talk to react to last week’s cruise headlines ...

Last Week Today in Cruise Headlines2023-04-21T11:32:33-04:00

Door to Door Cruising with Silversea

Watch the attached video to discover what Silversea's all inclusive fare entails as Ken, host of Ask a Real Travel Expert, talks with Joe Leon, VP for Field Sales with Silversea.

Door to Door Cruising with Silversea2023-04-21T11:32:50-04:00

Cruising This Summer Interview

During the interview which aired on April 15, 2021, these real travel experts talk about what's happening with cruising and especially cruises this summer.

Cruising This Summer Interview2023-04-21T11:33:10-04:00
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