Athens, Tips & Quick Facts

Chances are if you are cruising in the eastern Mediterranean you will either embark or debark in Piraeus, Greece, or visit there as a port of call on your itinerary. Piraeus is the port to Athens and ...

Athens, Tips & Quick Facts2022-05-25T10:32:18-04:00

Last Week Today in Cruise Headlines

Real Travel Experts Ira & Helene Kaplan of Cruise Holidays of Marlboro join Ken of RTE Travel Talk to react to last week’s cruise headlines ...

Last Week Today in Cruise Headlines2023-04-21T11:32:33-04:00

Door to Door Cruising with Silversea

Watch the attached video to discover what Silversea's all inclusive fare entails as Ken, host of Ask a Real Travel Expert, talks with Joe Leon, VP for Field Sales with Silversea.

Door to Door Cruising with Silversea2023-04-21T11:32:50-04:00

Cruising This Summer Interview

During the interview which aired on April 15, 2021, these real travel experts talk about what's happening with cruising and especially cruises this summer.

Cruising This Summer Interview2023-04-21T11:33:10-04:00

A Look at New Cruising Protocols

Many cruise lines have been pro-active in researching and implementing new measures to keep you healthy and safe. They have published all their protocols on their websites for prospective cruisers to see and a few have employed third party inspectors...

A Look at New Cruising Protocols2020-06-17T14:55:47-04:00

Treading the Murky Waters of Specials, Deals & Offers

The travel industry is highly competitive and nowhere more so than in cruising. Whether it is an ocean cruise or a river cruise, the market has exploded in the last few years with new vendors and new ships. Most consumers ...

Treading the Murky Waters of Specials, Deals & Offers2019-10-21T14:58:15-04:00

Cruises vs. Resorts

You meet two kinds of vacationers – the ones who love to cruise and the ones who prefer their all inclusive resorts. These are some of the reasons you will hear most often by those who vacation year after year at resorts as to why they never want to cruise:

Cruises vs. Resorts2019-07-10T13:19:57-04:00

An Ocean Cruiser’s Dining Options

A great deal of attention to planning of one’s ocean cruise vacation often goes to the port days – the excursion(s) or not, and if so, which ones, the clothes and items to pack, and so on. Dining options are often way down the list.

An Ocean Cruiser’s Dining Options2018-06-18T17:36:46-04:00
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