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Google is great for answering some questions, but not all. Often, when you’re researching a vacation package, resort or destination, one question leads to another, then another, then another. Diving into the search results of each one takes an incredible amount of time, and you often get lost down rabbit holes that lead to nowhere. 


Travel agents provide you with another, more viable option. Use us as your sounding board for ideas and questions, and we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We have asked the same questions you’re asking a thousand times for our clients, and we extensively researched each answer firsthand. Google can never replace that level of real-world experience.

As you enjoy this week’s travel inspiration to Scotland, Aspen, Alaska and more, remember that we are here to be your personal travel search engine. Ask us anything — you will not be disappointed.


Until next week … Dream Now, Travel Later!

This Week's Travel Inspiration
Scotland's Top Golf Courses

Scotland's Top Golf Courses

With a legacy that dates back to the 15th century, Scotland’s passion for golf is almost as rich as its storied, medieval history. Whether you’re a novice putter or a scratch golfer, these four courses will captivate you with breathtaking backdrops.


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4 Best Places to View the Northern Lights

Best Places to View Northern Lights


Caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles, the Northern Lights create a sky-lighting curtain of mesmerizing colors. This radiant spectacle is a true wonder to behold, especially when you capture it from one of these four viewing spots.

Best Summer Ski Towns

Best U.S. Ski Towns in the Summer


With acres of majestic forests, fish-filled rivers, mountain trails and outdoor entertainment, ski resorts burst with a variety of adventure and leisure far beyond the season of powdered snow and crisp winter air. Here are four resorts our agency highly recommends.

Color Your World

Color Your World


Great for kids and adults alike, this week’s coloring pages take you to Hobbiton in New Zealand, across Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge, gazing up a Singapore’s super-trees, wandering to temples in Thailand and more.



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Eye-Opening Virtual Tours

Real stories on how travel advisors aid their clients.


“We've booked three trips with our agent. She is amazing; she makes it so easy. Everything is all done for us. Plus, she has been all over, so she can recommend awesome places and experiences. She works hard to find exactly the type of resort that tailors to our liking.”
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